Round 2: …and, GO!

March 27, 2013

Tomorrow will be week 13!

It is strange getting back on this particular carousel. Some things are depressingly familiar (needing to pee, dry heaves, the fatigue), sometimes so much so that you figure you should be better at it this time around, but no. Some things are different (no boob aches), duration of symptoms, much earlier belly pooching. Between the actual baby, loose fat and bloating, I look like I’m 20 weeks pregnant from last time. It fills out my tummy skin looseness, cuz well, there’s nothing keeping it in. On one hand, no wrinkly tummy. On other hand, I look way more pregnant than I am.

Feb 2. I waited until a few days after we’d gotten back from Taiwan to think about doing the pee stick test. I was feeling neutral during the two week wait, and still missing a period, and starting to get the faintest bit of nausea. No achyness. But in talking to A, couldn’t “dawdle” waiting anymore and went to get a pair of sticks. Why do I always get two? Usually I’ve waited so long that the results are unquestionable. This time I even forgot which was the control line until FH reminded me when I commented it wasn’t as strong as I thought it’d be. (That’s the faint one, dummy. Your indicator line stole all the dye! Right….)

Feb 12. We went in to see Dr. H for the first prenatal checkup. He did an internal exam to see if my uterus seemed the right size, checked my ovaries, drew blood (ow) for a blood test. Blood pressure was 110/70? Blood labs came back ‘normal’. Went home thinking about going back to the midwifery or maybe opting for a birth center (water birth??)

In the end, the “convenience” of being in downtown Ballard for family and the comfort of knowing most of the midwives already won out over the idea of a water birth, and I scheduled the first visit with the midwifery.

Mar 13. First midwife appointment! We saw Mia, who did a basic physical check with me (BP 118/68) and used the Doppler to find the heartbeat! She found it almost right away, a very strong 170 bpm. She seemed very heartened by this, as lower heartbeat rates can be indicative of issues. (No idea if super high ones are worrisome, tho, but 170 seems within the range of normal.) Phew! Baby in there. I’ve been having weird panics about just carrying a passed baby around. Anyway, she also advises, since now I am just over the cusp of being AMA (Advanced Maternal Age) that it qualifies us for a new screening test for (T13, T18, T21) where they extract the fetal DNA from my bloodstream and test for abnormalities there. But we need to talk to a genetic counselor before we get that test ordered.

Mar 26. Combination ultrasound and genetic counseling appointment. Ultrasound is for the nuchal translucency measurement. Bit is the bounciest little fetus ever. Every 10 seconds or so, it’d go: boiiiing and twitch and fly everywhere. Or cross its legs and wave its arms… quite honestly, super cute. :)   Because of all the shifting (though, Bit’d settle down with head to the right) we got multiple opportunities for head/profile shots, and it looks pretty cute. FH thinks ‘jumping bean’ is a more apt fetal name than “bit”. First the ’sprout, then the bean- ?

We got all the ‘normal’ markers: nasal bone, heartbeat (173bpm). Nuchal translucency measured at 1.8 mm, with crown rump length at 6.8 mm. Much more attractive head shots than with Bren. Hehe. ;)

The genetic counseling part was a little disappointing; I didn’t quite get to figure out exactly how they do the DNA testing — but they scoop up all the free DNA in my bloodstream, assume 12% of it is Bit’s, sequence it all, and then match up sequences with what goes where in each chromosome. Or something like that. I’m trying to figure out how much of the genome varies per specific genes, but I suppose that’s something I can find out later.  Anyhow, we are hoping that Premera covers a good deal of this (evidently, $2000 test), and it’s possible that we’ll get the gender determination in about 5-7 working days. It seems the usual cost is $200… ish, and is somewhat negotiable. I don’t know. The web seems to be pretty torn about it, but I guess the web is pretty torn on a lot of things.

I also learned (based on my blood test results from Dr H) that I might be slightly anemic, but nothing to indicate anything more than a dietary issue, rather than a genetic one.

Anyway, I was apprehensive about the blood draw, but it turned out the tech was a Lab Corp (phlebotomist!) worker, so yay. No extra pain and she got it right in the first time.

So. Yeah. Journey thus far. A thinks it’s a boy. We’ll see. :)

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