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Round 2: …and, GO!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Tomorrow will be week 13!

It is strange getting back on this particular carousel. Some things are depressingly familiar (needing to pee, dry heaves, the fatigue), sometimes so much so that you figure you should be better at it this time around, but no. Some things are different (no boob aches), duration of symptoms, much earlier belly pooching. Between the actual baby, loose fat and bloating, I look like I’m 20 weeks pregnant from last time. It fills out my tummy skin looseness, cuz well, there’s nothing keeping it in. On one hand, no wrinkly tummy. On other hand, I look way more pregnant than I am.

Feb 2. I waited until a few days after we’d gotten back from Taiwan to think about doing the pee stick test. I was feeling neutral during the two week wait, and still missing a period, and starting to get the faintest bit of nausea. No achyness. But in talking to A, couldn’t “dawdle” waiting anymore and went to get a pair of sticks. Why do I always get two? Usually I’ve waited so long that the results are unquestionable. This time I even forgot which was the control line until FH reminded me when I commented it wasn’t as strong as I thought it’d be. (That’s the faint one, dummy. Your indicator line stole all the dye! Right….)

Feb 12. We went in to see Dr. H for the first prenatal checkup. He did an internal exam to see if my uterus seemed the right size, checked my ovaries, drew blood (ow) for a blood test. Blood pressure was 110/70? Blood labs came back ‘normal’. Went home thinking about going back to the midwifery or maybe opting for a birth center (water birth??)

In the end, the “convenience” of being in downtown Ballard for family and the comfort of knowing most of the midwives already won out over the idea of a water birth, and I scheduled the first visit with the midwifery.

Mar 13. First midwife appointment! We saw Mia, who did a basic physical check with me (BP 118/68) and used the Doppler to find the heartbeat! She found it almost right away, a very strong 170 bpm. She seemed very heartened by this, as lower heartbeat rates can be indicative of issues. (No idea if super high ones are worrisome, tho, but 170 seems within the range of normal.) Phew! Baby in there. I’ve been having weird panics about just carrying a passed baby around. Anyway, she also advises, since now I am just over the cusp of being AMA (Advanced Maternal Age) that it qualifies us for a new screening test for (T13, T18, T21) where they extract the fetal DNA from my bloodstream and test for abnormalities there. But we need to talk to a genetic counselor before we get that test ordered.

Mar 26. Combination ultrasound and genetic counseling appointment. Ultrasound is for the nuchal translucency measurement. Bit is the bounciest little fetus ever. Every 10 seconds or so, it’d go: boiiiing and twitch and fly everywhere. Or cross its legs and wave its arms… quite honestly, super cute. 🙂  Because of all the shifting (though, Bit’d settle down with head to the right) we got multiple opportunities for head/profile shots, and it looks pretty cute. FH thinks ‘jumping bean’ is a more apt fetal name than “bit”. First the ‘sprout, then the bean- ?

We got all the ‘normal’ markers: nasal bone, heartbeat (173bpm). Nuchal translucency measured at 1.8 mm, with crown rump length at 6.8 mm. Much more attractive head shots than with Bren. Hehe. 😉

The genetic counseling part was a little disappointing; I didn’t quite get to figure out exactly how they do the DNA testing — but they scoop up all the free DNA in my bloodstream, assume 12% of it is Bit’s, sequence it all, and then match up sequences with what goes where in each chromosome. Or something like that. I’m trying to figure out how much of the genome varies per specific genes, but I suppose that’s something I can find out later.  Anyhow, we are hoping that Premera covers a good deal of this (evidently, $2000 test), and it’s possible that we’ll get the gender determination in about 5-7 working days. It seems the usual cost is $200… ish, and is somewhat negotiable. I don’t know. The web seems to be pretty torn about it, but I guess the web is pretty torn on a lot of things.

I also learned (based on my blood test results from Dr H) that I might be slightly anemic, but nothing to indicate anything more than a dietary issue, rather than a genetic one.

Anyway, I was apprehensive about the blood draw, but it turned out the tech was a Lab Corp (phlebotomist!) worker, so yay. No extra pain and she got it right in the first time.

So. Yeah. Journey thus far. A thinks it’s a boy. We’ll see. 🙂

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Eight months

Friday, 4 March 2011

I guess the last “month” felt short, because it was! Sunday marks the beginning of Week 35, which means he’ll have spent almost equal portions of his life inside and outside the womb (Week 37). 

I don’t think he has gained weight since his 6 month checkup, which is kind of worrisome, but he is happy and eats and gets full and I think he’s grown taller, as his 9 month pants are no longer (haha) super long. 

Meanwhile, he has been busy chewing new foods (today he learned to chew frozen blueberries), slurping at his new sippy cup (yesterday), His foods have gotten more complex (though still salt-free) and we’ve included fish and dairy with good reception. He eats everything, unless he just had it his last meal. A second tooth broke out of the gum two days after the first erupted. He doesn’t seem to be any fussier despite that he is actually teething now. He is much better at feeding himself Cheerios with his right hand than his left.

Very suddenly, he’s restarted practicing his vocal cords. Two days ago, he started up again with his ‘abweh’s and ‘a bah’ and ‘vvvuh’. He is not content to practice simple things like ‘bababababa’ or ‘mamama’, no. It’s all ‘abu-weh’ and ‘a-boo’ and ‘haii!’.  Today he shaped his mouth into an ‘o’ and said: ‘oooooh’ very deliberately to see what it sounded and felt like. He “hyperventilates” when superexcited, but only sometimes giggle-laughs. It’s not that he’s unhappy (he smiles and grins all day), he just doesn’t laugh.

He greets Auntie Amy with slobbery kisses on the cheek (and sometimes mouth) and likes to grab her by both cheeks to suck on her nose.  He likes to take his daddy’s glasses off whenever he can, and pull out mommy’s hair, a few strands at a time. He hates the booger sucker with a vengance and consequently has a giant booger friend.

He is practicing standing on his head (from being on his back), and can now do a pretty passable “downward dog” while trying to crawl.  He can lunge forward to get something he wants, and back into a sitting position once more. He still falls backwards when he gets distracted while looking up. He still snugly crosses his ankles when he’s sitting, right over left. (Curiously, I am left ankle over right.)

Still, still, impossibly cute.

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Weekend achievements

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

On Saturday (Feb 26) we felt the first parting of the gum.  There was a wee hole in the very, very hard bulging line of underlying tooth.  Sunday, we could feel the entire top line of the tooth. And it is sharp!  Fortunately, he hasn’t bitten me (hard) yet.  I can definitely feel that it is there when he nurses.

He’s also started doing the proto-crawling rocking back and forth.  He pulls his knees together when he’s going into tabletop pose, but they still splay when he collapses down.  The last two days he’s realized he can balance on his palms and his toes, like a very flat downward dog. (Baby Yoga!)  Today, he does the variant of right knee, left foot way out to the side.  He tries rocking to get his momentum to shift him forward, but hasn’t figured out that he needs to move his palms to actually move.  Sometimes he falls forward because his bottom is so scrunched up.  Crawling imminent… this is the same sudden flurry of new poses and wrigglings that happened when he flipped over.

And, best best best of all, tonight he fell asleep in his co-sleeper without any crying at all. He nursed, but popped off while still wide awake (but calm).  So I picked him up, kissed him good night and tucked him into the co-sleeper and left. I think he burbled and cooed to himself for about 10 minutes… then… nothing.  And when I went to check on him… he was sound asleep, curled up with his favorite little pillow.  Wow.  If all nights could be like this…

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Seven months

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Time has really flown.  He has really become so much more of a person in the last few weeks.  He has different smiles and grins for different people.  He makes deliberate eye contact, and there’s definitely someone home! He still kicks (doink doink!) his legs in excitement, though I think they are going to be too long for the utterly cute doink very soon. Now he also whacks things with his palms when he is excited.  He also gets snit fits when we don’t attend to him when he’s wailing in bed.

He can sit and play by himself for at least half an hour at a time.  He puts his hands on his knees and braces with his arms to rest his core when he tires, but then goes right back to sitting up.  He can go from a tummy-to-the-floor pose back up to sitting with ease.  He can stand pretty well, next to things for a time, though his legs still collapse without warning, and he loses his balance in the slightest breeze.  He’s getting adept at wriggling backwards while trying to go forward.  He pushes up with his palms now in “tummy time”.

He has no teeth yet. He loves food and eating with people, yet refuses to eat when he’s full (thank goodness!) or it doesn’t taste very good. Or if he’s bored (he’s had broccoli/sweet potato/chicken stock for five days straight now). Today he tried yogurt for the first time, mixed with banana.  Yum. (I know, I tasted it.)  Yesterday he got to gum Cheerios for the first time.  He can pick up the O’s (still no thumb and forefinger, but very close), but can’t quite figure out how to release them in his mouth, so he prefers it when I hold it for him. He charmed his dad into giving him tastings of lasagna meat sauce and flaked fish. With all this solid food, I am super glad he learned to poop on his little potty! The fewer explodey diapers, the better. He’s been very good about his morning routine.

Tonight he got put down (after waking up 10 minutes after nursing)  in his co-sleeper and self-soothed to sleep!  He has his own crib-sized down comforter and third-size pillow.  The pillow has ended up on top of him, where he can play with it. One of his favorite things to do is to lie on the floor and body hug/play with a full-size pillow.  Something about the soft and cool give, I bet.  These days, he will nurse to sleep, and wake up 30 min to 90 mins after, wail, be picked up and comforted for a minute, and the second time, will go down by himself without another round of nursing.  Last night he slept at 11 (we’ve been bad about bedtime), but didn’t wake up again until 6 am! 

He still doesn’t say much.  When he does, he says ‘uhhh uhhh uhhh’ a lot, to music and just when he’s happy by himself.  Occasionally there’s an oddly well-placed “haiii!” or a cute little “’elppuuu” (help).  No mamaa or da da yet.  And despite all the grins and smiles, he still doesn’t laugh or giggle! The best I can do is a Talking Carl-esque “ennnnnnh”.  Then again, he doesn’t even cry so much as wail, so I guess it’s related.  He gets all snuffly when he cries for too long, just like me. 🙂

He does give wet kisses, and is so so cuddly to hug (and sometimes hugs back). He also withholds kisses when he’s mad at you, too!  But he doesn’t stay mad long.

He also smacked me in the eye with Sophie last night. OW.  Also excitedly kicked me in the stomach, I yelped. He copied my yelp and grinned mischieviously when I started laughing.  Little scamp totally likes making me laugh. I can’t complain.

Not one bit. 🙂

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Nom nom nom…

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted.  I might backdate some entries later.

But now that the magical half-year mark has passed, we’ve started the little dude on solids.  He is turning out to be quite the fruit-bat outside the womb as well, but it could be that all babies like sweet things, and fruit is sweet.  His diet so far, is still all things fruit and veggie, so it’s hard to find something that’s truly savory without exceeding his recommended salt intake.  He makes an interesting face everytime there’s something new.

Foods he’s tried now (mixed with rice cereal):

  • P-Patch carrots – tasty
  • mashed avocado – by itself, not so good, with a little bit of lemon added, will eat
  • sweet potato – will eat (though it doesn’t taste that different from the carrots)
  • Hawaiian papaya – yum
  • pear compote – yumyum; he lunged for more of this
  • banana – wasn’t there for this one, but supposedly he liked it

And there’s broccoli and potato to come; we’ve prepped and frozen it, but he hasn’t had any yet.  So far the ice cube tray we had before is working out pretty well.  Steaming with the Beaba is pretty nice, and not having to also wash the tiny Cuisinart to puree food is pretty nice too.  All the mushes have been pretty tasty, even to adult palates, so clearly his taste buds are working.  We tend to eat the stuff he doesn’t eat.  And honestly, people pay $$$ for fancy French restaurants to puree foods for them, baby food shouldn’t be all that different ;)  I am very glad we are cooking for the little guy and not getting prepackaged little jars, though they are SO cute. I may have to give in and get some just to see what it’s like.  And.. okay, maybe get them for containers?

A final note – now that we are a week into it, FH reports that the poop is startin’ to smell like big boy poop.  Oy!

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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Today, I saw Sprout move for the first time without the aid of ultrasound.  I was feeling pretty strong kicking (for almost 21 weeks), so I peeked at the belly.  Sure enough, different thumps were making themselves visible… it’s very strange.

Very, very strange.

[20.7 weeks]

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Kickin’ it, Tiger-style

Sunday, 14 February 2010

A first daddy-baby moment: Sprout has rung in the new (his) lunar year by kicking or punching or flipping hard enough to make my entire lower abdomen twitch, and therefore, perceivable by daddy.  He had been kinda quiet after the ultrasound, but in the past few days, has  suddenly kicked it (haha) into high gear.  No more fluttering or tumbling anymore; there’s outright jabs now.  At least it’s still not directed bladder-wards.

On the flip side, Sprout is also experiencing his first cold… all that coughing must make for an interesting ride.


That’s MISTER Sprout to you… (I’m a BOY)

Friday, 5 February 2010

Well, it was an interesting ultrasound session.  Sprout had his head down, feet up the entire time.  The first half of the session, he had his legs crossed, but the intern caught a glimpse of a boy part.  Eventually he unfolded, and they got the leg and arm measurements in too.  Both the intern and the ultrasound tech spent a long time trying to get good images of the heart chambers, but nope, positionally foiled.  I tried moving, jiggling, turning, peeing… nothing turned Sprout around.  Just like the first time.  *mutter*  So I might be getting an extra ultrasound in there in a month’s time.  Maybe we’ll get a clear “toilet” shot this time.

Here are two decent photos though: here’s the skeletor baby with both arms up, one in front of his face, across the nose.   He kinda looks like he’s going nana nana boo boo.  The two big dark patches are the eye sockets (bones are really easy to image) and his mouth IS wide open, laughing.  Or something.  I drew the little blue sketch to help visualize.

Here is the other one, of the left hand, I think.  (It’s hard to tell handedness when you can see through things.)  Thumbs up! …haha, very funny, Sprout.  The rib cage is really apparent in this one, as well as the two bones in the forearm.

I am now at 18.7 weeks.  They also mentioned that the placenta is attached towards the back, so this means FH will be able to feel Sprout from the outside sooner rather than later.  I think I’ve been feeling him kick and tumble around sporadically since last week, though these last few days have been much more noticeable.

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July babies: Centering Session #1

Thursday, 28 January 2010

We opted-in for group prenatal care with the Ballard Midwifery.  What this means is that instead of meeting wholly one-on-one with a midwife, we are put in a group of at most 11 other pregnant women (and their partners) and meet once a month.  We still get some one-on-one time with the midwife du jour for really personal matters (such as doing Doppler fetal heart rate checks), but for the most part, we get a group of people that are due the same month as we are, and share our questions/worries/excitement about pregnancy.

The first session was yesterday.  They gave us a big workbook binder with a canvas bag.  There are currently 11 other couples, one of which couldn’t make it for illness, and two missing husbands.  It was a very Seattle-yuppie crowd: one couple was mixed (their baby will be), we were Asian, and the rest were white ;).  Only 4 Seattle natives.  Everyone will be first-time parents.  We were probably right in the middle as far as mother’s age (maybe slightly on the younger side).

Heather found Sprout’s heartrate right away (apparently Sprout is curious about the Doppler), estimated to be about 152-155 bpm.   The top of my uterus is currently about a finger’s width below my belly button.  She also ordered the second half of the Quad screen (yay, blood draw) and the fetal detail ultrasound.  Unless Sprout really doesn’t cooperate during those 90 minutes, we’ll know what gender it is next Friday! 😀 😀

I’ve been wondering if we’re starting to feel Sprout kick about.  Last Friday night I felt three quick jabs in my lower left side, and this morning, some little jabs and a tickling sort of flip.  Sometime before that, even, FH claims he felt a jab when he had his hand on my belly.  But I didn’t feel anything, and you’d think you’d feel it from the inside first!

Countdown to Sprout’s gender identity: 8 days.

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Fruit bat inside

Friday, 15 January 2010

I liked a lot of fruit before pregnancy, but somehow, carrying Sprout has somehow intensified the liking.  A list of fresh fruits Sprout has consumed, secondhand:

  • apples
  • mangoes
  • pears
  • asian pears
  • grapefruit
  • oranges (clementine, navel)
  • watermelon
  • blueberries
  • strawberries
  • cantaloupe/honeydew/melons
  • kumquat
  • pineapple
  • bananas
  • pomegranate
  • peaches (okay, these were canned)
  • grapes

So far, from my usual yearly repertoire, I’m missing cherries (might remedy that soon), lychee/longan, plums, kiwi… there’s not much non-exotic fruit left to sample!

That all aside, I think I need to eat more…

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